Nations at War: Victory Stalingrad


Description from the publisher:

It’s the fall of 1942, and the fight for Stalingrad is in full swing. In Victory Stalingrad, you will command either German and Soviet forces to recreate some of the most bloodiest battles of World War 2. Victory Stalingrad will take Nations at War fans into and around Stalingrad. Victory Stalingrad will feature the drive, and retreat from Stalingrad. This is the 5th core game in the Nations At War series.

We are expecting this game will include 5 to 6 map boards, 4 to 5 counter sheets of 3/4" counters and numerous player aid cards. Stalin’s Triumph uses the newly developed v2.0 Core Rules Edition and also includes our new design your own scenario generator. This will add hours of play to your game.


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