Rhein River Trade board game
Rhein River Trade board game

Rhein River Trade

The Rhine (spelled "Rhein" in German) is one of the longest rivers in Europe. Its path has provided a vital route for commerce and transport since ancient times, taking containers from the heart of the continent through various countries all the way to the North Sea. Every day, its slow but tireless flow accompanies planes, trains, ships, and trucks in a close-knit network of connections between major cities.

As the head of an important freight company in Basel, you receive Orders bound for cities located on or near the Rhine river - even as far away as London. Each Order lists the destination and number of Containers to be transported, the delivery deadline, a payment offer, an a possible penalty. Using the Planes, Trains, and Ships that you share with the other players and your Trucks, you must arrange shipments, limiting your costs and making sure you deliver on time. The player who earns the most money is the winner!

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