A struggle is raging in the quiet hillside pastures! The meadows are crowed, forcing you, the shepherds, to fight for every blade of grass to feed your sheep. You must continually expand your pastures to feed your flocks. But watch out! You must be ever vigilant to keep your sheep safe from the marauding, hungry wolves that roam the forests at the pasture's edge. Wooly Bully is easy to learn. You place large square tiles representing terrain in an effort to build the largest pasture for your sheep while thwarting the efforts of other players. The twist is this: since all players keep their identity (color) secret, no one knows which sheep are yours until you decide to tell them. You must place your plots of land (tiles) on the table in order to build your pasture. You may use the forests, instead of fences, as borders, but beware - they can be infested with hungry wolves lying in wait for your helpless flock. It's up to you to place your tiles at the right moment, and in the best layout to create the largest enclosed pasture. But don't be too greedy - if you're not careful, your field may grow so large that you'll never be able to close it. Contains: one Large Cloth Bag, 77 Double-sided Field Tiles, and one Rule Book. The game is for 2 to 4 players and takes about 30 minutes to play.

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