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Solid putting-on-a-show game. Lots of depth and theme, what eurogames should be. I suck at this game, but I keep wanting to play it.


7.5 after first play. Worker placement game where tactical gameplay helps towards an overall strategy. Could be prone to AP, as there are multiple paths to achieving the goals. Very we'll designed game.


Though mechanically straightforward, it's a much heavier game than it first appears. It is a game of intense strategic planning. This is a very good game and it's absolutely criminal people are turned off by the theme, which absolutely shines in this game. Ignacy's graphic design choices on the buildings/employees/contracts are puzzling, and a large source of the confusion. I understand the desire for language independence (though Portal doesn't normally publish games that are such), but some of the icons appear only once, which defeats the purpose of the iconography. If/when Portal ever does a reprint, I hope they scrap the one-off icons. Worth noting that the game is way longer than BGG suggests. 2.5-3 hours is much closer to the actual playing time.


Pasted on theme but I had a lot of fun with it.