Kuhhandel Master

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Played just twice, need to replay for a good verdict, but first games were quite entertaining.


by Rudi

excellent game...creates tension like no other game i own


Theme/Art: Funny theme with pictures of stones looking animals. Production quality: The cards are of good quality, the rules are easy to understand. Replayability: It's a really fun game, fast to teach, and a good filler and family game, so quite high replay value. Depth/Difficulty: It's very easy to learn (especially if you play the basic Kuhhandel, which is without the rats and premium cards). However, it is not that easy to master. Strategy: You need to keep track of the money of your opponents and try to get your foot into the door of as many animal groups as possible. Since you cannot change money, you have to look out for how much you bid. It happened to me that I bid 120 and only had a 200 bill. Luck: There's only one random factor in the game: The order of the animals up for auction. But since you can buy an animal even though you auctioned it, it's not so bad if you have to auction something you need for yourself. The rest of the game is knowing your opponents and managing your finances. I see quite a lot of complaints about the length of the game, which is a bit surprising to me. When I played it with four players it took about 45 minutes per round. Sure, it's not the shortest card game, but it is very fun. All in all a fun filler card game with a surprising amount of strategy involved.