Vast: The Crystal Caverns

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Fiddly rules, cumbersome responsibilities on each player, and I really wish I had a chance to get this played so much more.




This is a game I want to love more than I do. Due to the true asymmetric nature of the design it has a lot of rules overhead and challenging time being introduced to new players. The game is just to hard to get out and play regularly, but the art and components are stellar!


w/ bonus cards


Includes Miniatures expansion


I’ve been playing a lot of Root which is a fantastic game, and this game suffers by comparison. My group all expressed that they were just waiting around for their turn; very little interaction until the very end.


Very fun game. I only managed to play once as the Dragon (and escaped) but it was a great experience. The asymmetric nature is awesome, and shows that every game will be different depending on who is playing who and what people do, the momentary alliances & arguments are great. The art-style was cool and the meeples were a nice touch with the 2nd edition. Looking forward to playing with the miniatures & possibly trying out the extra roles...heck there is a unicorn coming to replace the dragon, and everyone knows the unicorn is the goodest creature ever...looking forward to playing again or buying in the near future.


Really cool design, though some concern with the disparity between player turn length (could be the players) and some confusion on the rules


1-5 players (best 4) 75 minutes


Humongous replay value! I love to play it with people that already know the characters, otherwise explaining the game (and each character) can take up a loooot of time. My first asymmetric game and although I didn't fall in love with the "genre", I value the designers creativity. Every game feels totally new!