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It's unfortunate that this game requires so many players. It also takes very long time to play, but is so worth it.


The classic game of deals and betrayal. If you're up for a long game involving a lot of social and strategic elements, this is for you. But you need a lot of time and people who can handle a game where you have to lie to each other. And I mean hours of work down the drain because your friend just stabbed you in the back kind of lies.


Upside: One of the best game mechanics ever. No luck. Downside: Need to have seven to get the right feel for the game. Seven. That's the difficult part for me.


My favourite war strategy game. All about Diplomacy, no randomness (except maybe which country you get to play).


I hate that I love backstabbing my friends sooooo much.


I used to play weekly in high school, but we never finished a game. Backastbingly fun.


I have many fond memories of college, one of which is Diplomacy and the many games of it played. Some finished, many not, Diplomacy holds a high ranking based largely on respect. The pure, simple mechanisms make for a very engaging game. Like many of my top ranked games, it's a game that demands a lot of its players to be successful. Intense negotiation, social engineering, and constant paranoia are the tenants of Diplomacy, and 50+ years later it's still something that stands on its own.


Too many people are sensitive about the inherent mechanisms of player shifting their alliances and opposition moves. I rated this game low because of player reaction to real world politic that comes out in the play through of the game. Be careful of who yo play with. Stick to players that are cold and calculating.


Can be good with the right players but it is just too long