Parker Brothers originally release (1964). This is the most provocative game of words since the invention of the modern alphabet. It provides fun for all from ages 8 years through adult. Each player selects a secret word of 12 letters or less, and the other players try to guess it letter by letter. No player is ever left out - even if that player's word is guessed. Since simple words are often hard to guess, it isn't necessary to hide a long and difficult word in order to win.

Four, three or two may play. Contents: 4 brown or blue flat racks, 4 decks of 96 letter cards - each deck of a different color, 4 letter card upright holders, an activity deck of 48 cards, one activity deck tray and instructions. Four, three or two may play. Great game for younger players to practice building their vocabulary; for ages 8 years to adult.

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