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1 beautiful! Unfortunately, that's where the appeal ends for me. I mistakenly thought that the storytelling aspect of the game would be more along the lines of Above & Below. Instead, it's a few paragraphs in a flimsy booklet buried under a whole lot of Rock/Paper/Scissors. Way too much sorting and shuffling over too weak of a game to be any fun for us. Which is sad because's beautiful.


I'm waiting to try multiplayer before making my final judgment, but man so far duels are fun and great. The campaign is an awesome bonus, and the art is drop-dead gorgeous. [EDIT] Played with six, and I can't recommend that at all. with 4 and teams, things are pretty good.


Silly is the best way to describe this. The coop is a silly story with a meat circus of an ending. The duels are a silly, semi-broken affair where you play a lot of blackjack and laugh at the results. Rough edges, oversights, and bizarre balance issues abound in this box, and yet there's something undeniably fun about the whole affair.


Beautiful artwork and I really wanted to like this, but it is not a very good game. Have been wanting to play through the story to at least get my money's worth, but there always seems to be something which is nicer to play.