A strategic, sci-fi fantasy western themed card game, Grimslingers features two different modes of play - versus and cooperative. In versus, players will go head to head in teams or a free-for-all using a wide selection of spells, items, and abilities.

In co-op, players will work together through a narrative campaign composed of four 60-90 minute play sessions, battling strange creatures, overcoming intense challenges, collecting loot, gaining levels and exploring the Forgotten West.

1 Rule Booklet
1 Story Booklet
1 Valley of Death Map
1 Red Meeple
1 Six-sided Die
280 Cards
- 6 Anima
-12 Archetype
- 44 Creature
-10 Grimslinger
- 1 Hank the Hunter
- 77 Item
- 20 Number and Event
- 62 Spell
- 30 Target
- 18 Tracker

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