Leonardo Da Vinci Board Game

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The bastard love-child of Caylus and Princes of Florence, I prefer it to both--it's shorter than Caylus and has more tense player-interaction than PoF. It's not as good as Goa, though. Needs more plays with more people to be sure. [EDIT] Relatively quick, demands planning but is not as brutally unforgiving as PoF, and has mechanical slaves (always a plus). Excellent game. [EDIT] Can drag with people even remotely afflicted by AP, and the setup is tedious. The engine itself is elegant simplicity; the total package is not.


Mechanical men. Ugh. Ruined the theme for me right there. Why not just put spaceships in Acquire, Le Havre, or Combat Commander for crying out loud.


TRADED AWAY Very good combination of mechanics. Decisions to be made every step of the way. Placement of the followers is thought-provoking with just the right amount of "take-that" to it. It's simple enough to be played in under 90 minutes but complex enough to leave me wanting one more game after I'm done. Knocked down one spot due to the luck factor involved in guessing what everyone is building.


I'll give it a 7 after two plays. It's OK, and I would like to try it again sometime. Rating revised down on account of not really wanting to play again after buying Pillars of the Earth.


Rating after two plays. I think this is a neat game and the comparisons to PoF seem to be a bit accurate. With a previous game under the belt, we hammered out a second game of 3 players in 75 minutes. That time frame in similar to PoF. It is a good game and it certainly warrants more plays to see how everything goes. There were some problems with rules but it was ok. 2006-11-18 - Bought 2010-10-16 - Sold Fallcon 23


(2/17) 8. Just the type of Euro that I just seem to get and really enjoy. I love a game with tight interwoven mechanics and this very much fits the bill. (10/17) Drop to 7. Just haven't played it in too long. Got my own copy so hopefully that'll change soon!