Maximum Apocalypse

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Nutshell Review: Fantastic cooperative game with oodles of replay value so long as you don't mind a lengthy set up.


Only played one solo game and 3/4 of a 3 player game but it's a lot of fun thus far. Can't wait to try the other scenarios, each one does change things up a lot. Also the simplified hand handling for solo play is much appreciated.


the game is fine just the amount time for setup is long for such 1 hour game. The setup is so fiddly especially three scavenge decks, should have a better ways to setup. the art and cards material is good but the box really too tight after all the cards+kaiju expansion sleeved.


Was relatively fun. I am not always a fan of post apocalyptic, but at least it is not zombies. Felt a little tense at times, but also a bit easy. Might have just been the mission we played.


One stop coop commentary on this has me interested