Welcome to the Dungeon

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The theme is what lowers this from close to a 10. The game is simply, easy and fun to play, but I really struggle to accept a game as part of my collection that has a special ability as a demonic pact... ...in spite of how good the mechanisms are, probably going to trade at next Maths trade. ------------------ Sold game. Was never comfortable with one of the powers being a demonic pact.


Extremely simple push-your-luck game with an enticing theme and fantastic artwork. Players play the role of an adventurer (all players the same one) that will try to defeat all the monsters in a dungeon to get the treasure. Adventurers count with 8 pieces of equipment that allow them to defeat certain types of monsters. Each turn, a player decides whether to abandon or to draw a new monster. Then, the player either adds the monster to the dungeon for the adventurer to defeat or removes an item from the adventurer. The last player standing will face the monsters in the dungeon with the remaining equipment. Fast and funny game full of surprising outcomes.


Silly. Time filler. Beautifully produced. Fast to play and portable.


Light and quick, doesn't feel like it has any staying power.


I do not understand what people see in this game. It hasn't worked on any level for me or anyone I've played it with. The choices just aren't interesting.


Didn't really get into playing this when we had a copy, so traded it away. Had a couple of games recently and it was surprisingly good fun. Happy that a friend has a copy :)


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/welcome-dungeon-2013/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/welcome-dungeon-2013-accessibility-teardown/


Great filler. Fun, short. Light hearted theme works for anyone. Kids can play with help.


Fun filler, maybe worth keeping? Replaced by Stew.


Argentinian edition (Bureau de Juegos)


Fun, fast and easy to learn with a tiny bit of social deduction.


(7/16) 7. (10/17) Drop to 5. Interesting, quick push your luck with a nice dungeon crawl theme.