Tortuga 1667

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THis needs to be played with 5, 7 or 9


I can see this is really a cool game but with only two players it's very boring. I can see it being played with 5+ players and it would bee awesome. Need to get more players.


Looking forward to this beautiful and innovative game that fleshes out social deduction into an actual board game.


Location: Kallax


Social pirate deduction. I think it may work better at odd numbers as then you do not have as clear an idea of who is who, but even at six it was pretty good.


A really cool deduction game in a great package. It looks like a book from the outside and includes a neoprene playing mat! In the game you change positions on two ships which dictate what actions you can take. The goal is to have you team control more treasures at the end of the game, the catch is you don't get to know who your teammates are. Figuring out who is on each team can be tricky as there is a third rogue player on a team by themselves that throws a wrench into things!




(10/17) 6. A cool, fairly unique hidden role game. Maybe a little longer than it should be, but fun. I like the peek at cards and forced choice mechanics.