Merchants and Marauders

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A fun pirate simulation. However, the rules seem to make execution of the game procedures clunky.


Pirates are right at the top of my preferred themes list. This game does not disappoint. With the various navies represented, and open choices to make it was a lit of fun.


13/06/2013 - Changed rating from 6.9 to 7.5. For some reason can't stop thinking about this game. Would really like to play it again. After 1 play : really like the trading in the game, although we went through the cargo deck rather quickly and repeatedly in our 4 player game. Perhaps there should be more? There are some very nice mechanics which add to the theme, but felt the combat wasn't one of them. Personally, think there may be some house rules out there which would mitigate some aspects of the combat which felt clunky.



I'm not the type of a person to forgive poor gameplay if it has a strong theme. M&M has a lot of both.


+ Fun, sandbox-y game. o First plays can be a bit tricky and require looking up the finer rules, but the game plays quite fast when 'grokked'. I wasn't planning on getting this, but I played it at a friend's place and had a lot of fun. Decided to purchase it when there was a good 2nd hand offer.


Like Sid Meier's Pirates! but a board game.