War of the Ring: The Lord of the Rings


This book includes all of the information you need to play, including:
Full rules for playing huge table top battles, where vast armies clash to decide the fate of middle-earth, fight out one of the great conflicts of the war of the ring, or challenge your friends using the versatile battle scenario system.
Rules to over two hundred troop types, representing the myriad warriors of Middle-earth. Within these pages you will find Men both fair and foul, gracious Elven, doughty Dwarves, cruel Orcs and brutal Trolls. Command the might of Middle-earths most famous heroes and villains from Aragorn and Gandalf to Witch-king of Angmar and Sauron himself. A hobby section on how to choose, collect and paint a War of the Ring army and how to set up a battlefield to fight over.

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