Mechs vs. Minions

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Edit: Had to raise it to 10 because, what a freaking great game. I always have so much fun playing it. Literally in the zone every time.I love the logic puzzles that the command deck creates. Opening the box felt like Christmas! I never saw a box that big, with so many components - and boy those components are AMAZING - for the price tag that they are selling.The rule book is really good - the tutorial book sets you up for playing in a matter of minutes. It really explains the concept of the game while you play in a really easy way. One weird thing about it is that I didn't see any specifications of number of players, average play time, that kind of stuff.The game has incredible replayability and somewhat a "legacy" aspect to it, since you only open missions when you pass to next one.


Rating based on 1st plays which were a lot of fun.


This game is just FUN. I really enjoy every game I play, and they're just full of laughing and joy. Not many games can promise that.


real fist programmable movement game I have played and I love it! I like that you draft your movement from turn to turn and that you could potentially upgrade your movement or change it completely so its not a big issue. I also like that damage can affect your movement tableau, its an interesting hurtle that you have to maneuver around. Amazing game and the component quality is phenomenal right down to the insert that comes with the game.


Move over Space Hulk, we now have a new King of Overproduced Games. And it's actually pretty fun! The gradual, evolutionary approach to programming helps the game grow organically, and it's a joy to have the body count rise so dramatically with minimal rules overhead. The game can drag if you don't keep your eyes on the prize, as it were, so make sure you're emphasizing the scenario's victory conditions if there isn't a built-in timer.




I enjoy the experience of drafting and programming in conjunction with the varying/cooperative missions. Can't say enough good things about the ultra-high component quality and detail or the impressive table presence!


I initially rated this a 7 after getting into a game in the 3rd campaign for my first ever play. I was getting the concepts but apparently was missing out on a lot. Now that I own it and was able to play with a group starting with the tutorial and playing a few campaigns: such an awesome game! I really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what else is in store. Programmed movement, escalations, mowing down minions like they are nothing, getting damaged but not killed,... yes please!


This game features really cool "programming" gameplay and amazing production value. The variety of missions included in the box as well as a campaign style introduction to all the mechanics keep this game interesting everytime it gets to the table. The online community has also created a plethora of missions giving this game near endless new content to play.


80 euros for wave 1 shipment 2 Really fun game - like it a lot. Perhaps need to take it more seriously next time, yes, next time.


First 5 missions are opened (carefully). Bigger sealed box has been opened. The rest of the missions are still sealed.


Unbelievable production. Super fun and accessible to kids and adults, but still with lots of depth and interesting puzzle/problem solving. I love how the missions escalate. This is a real standout example of game design and production.


2-4 players (best 4) 60-90 minutes


This game hit the scene unlike anything the industry has ever scene. From the press embargo and subsequent media frenzy surrounding is announcement, to the enormous 30k print run, this game ignored all industry norms and I am happy it was so successful. The component quality is top notch, and provides an unprecedented value at $75. From a gameplay perspective though, its fun and quirky, but it a little light overall, and I don't desperately await my next play.


Had a smile on the face the whole time I played it and for an hour afterwards. So much fun. So many great design decisions. Just an absolute joy to play.


A great co-op programming game. The programming can get chaotic at times, but it's a blast watching everything play out. The components in this game are also amazing, but it's hard to fit the box on a shelf due to it's size.


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