Betrayal Legacy

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Fixes a lot of things from the previous games, and you'll end up with a game that is unique to only you at the end of the campaign


Great campaign game. Had loads of fun with the group i played with. However, due to different experiences with boardgames, games could turn into quite a slog when having people read their instructions. (when being the traitor and unfamiliar with reading rules, or the heroes and unfamiliar with explaining how to play to the rest of the team)


Betrayal is a fun experience, with silly stories that play out thematically. Individually, each story is OK. As a collective campaign, this game is excellent. You must enjoy chucking dice. Role playing is encouraged for best results. Initially rated 7. Bumped to 8 after several games due to Legacy surprises. Dropped back to 7 after repetitive games with nothing new.


So much better and more fun than regular Betrayal. Everything is more balanced and the game doesn't drag on getting to the haunts.