Kodama: The Tree Spirits

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It's hard to beat building a tree so it's nice that there are two games that let you start with a trunk and end with a full tree. Kodama isn't as peacefully beautiful as Kigi but it's more appealing to kids and has an actual box. I personally prefer Kigi but Kodama has been played more in our house. The rules as written were a little confusing for such a simple game and could probably stand to be rewritten.


My copy came with some cat card that renders your ninjas useless.... wtf? Ended up giving to my bro. Waiting for it to come back in stock because this is a game you should have ready to play, not one you wait to borrow.


Nice and light with a whimsical theme. Was a fun time.


I love that they include rules that let younger kids play. Very neat.


Beautiful card placement game that has art reminiscent of Studio Ghilbli work and my SO completely fell in love. Short, simple gameplay will probably see us coming back to this time and time again with new gamers.