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Every house has to own one copy of Monopoly. I actually enjoy the game in small doses when played with the correct rules (Which my parents actually taught the correct rules in my house, perhaps why I'm not as antimonopoly as others)


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Can't stand the elimination aspect. Dislike the component quality. Just causes fights, which is not what a good game should be about.


The game i use to think was complicated.


Roll & move. Takes waaaaay too long...


I mean it is one of the most well known board games in the world. I have this one because for a while in college there were nights when I would play Monopoly 2 maybe even 3 times a night. It was the game that really got me back into board gaming and it has a special place in my heart.


Terrible if played strictly by the rules, but can be turned into a fun game with just one page of house rules


With the plethora of superior titles in existence today, I find it incredible how the American public continues to purchase the pap that is foisted upon them by anyone producing this quite mediocre title (even when it is not butchered to death by well-intentioned but horrible house rules people feel compelled to add).


I've played this once as an "adult" and while I don't intend to play it again I could be convinced if the person/people wanting to play are keen enough. Otherwise I'll either suggest something else or just sit out.


I guestimated the amount of times I've played this game. I've always hated it, and until I joined board game geek, I really couldn't justify why.


Maria pre-2015


Listen, I know it's a role and Move. I know in modern terms, this game is "terrible". I know I lose all geek cred by liking this game. However, If you play with the right people, this game truly turns into a game of manipulation, and maneuvering. It takes forever, but come on, eventually negotiating that trade that give you the win is super satisfying. I for one, will always play, only because that one time you can find 4 other people to play with you, you don't turn down the opportunity to lose a couple friends.


I enjoyed playing Monopoli as a kid. I really liked it. Nowadays, I still do not think it is a bad game, but there are just too many better games.







60th Anniversary edition.


Friends don't let friends play Monopoly!


2-8, 180m


"Speed Die" version. Not a bad game. I played with 3 other gamers and it was fun (perhaps because I won!). It was interesting to see an auction, roll-and-move, and negotiation in something like this. Player elimination and the dice have their way with you. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to mitigate the luck except through negotiation and if you aren't used to negotiation, well, you're stuck :) Would I play it again? Sure. Oh and the speed die helps, only to speed up the game. Our 4-player game took 90 min to play. Not bad. 2010-Oct-16 - Sold at Fallcon 23


Fun, but I've heard that it can cause the break of friendships/relationships. I have never personally broken friendships because of this game. If you are someone who is super competitive and must always win: DO NOT PLAY. I personally love playing. I used to play against myself when I was a kid because I was an only child, and only children usually have some type of crazy imagination! I did play with not just myself though: friends, parents, family, significant others... IMPORTANT: Play if you know that this is a game of CHANCE. You will win. You will lose. There is no in-between. And there is no absolute!


Rating reflects how I feel when played by the actual rules: Typical Free Parking Monopoly can burn in hell. Monopoly as intended is kind of boring but not terrible.


(+) Everyone knows about this game, theme is alright (-) No interesting decisions to make, game lasts way too long for what it is, skipped turns


If played with the proper rules and with people who are willing to negotiate for properties, this is an enjoyable game. When played with the rules most people play with though, this is a test of how frustrated you can be.


A great classic game, but it takes too much time to complete one game. Its all about luck. We never had a complete game. The games were usually ended when one player got eliminated.