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There is quite a bit of luck in the tile draws especially toward the beginning of the game, but it doesn't deter it too much and it is a very good game.


A very direct game. A great classic.


by paka

I'd try it with 3-4 players. Both games have been with 5 and I think it makes the game a bit too chaotic and luck-dependant.



Retro gaming at its finest. I may have more plays of this than any other game - might be a toss up with old school Cosmic Encounter. A tight, tight game when playing with experienced opponents. Crushing heart-breaking mergers, lol. Nothing better than getting a majority shareholder position when your primary opponent has lost track, haha.


I like stock games, I really do. But the combination of random draws plus the need to plan several turns in advance rubs me the wrong way.


Decent, simple game, but it tends to leave one or two players in the dust as their early-game speculations don't end up paying off.


[color=#CC0000][b] Exquisite gameplay from remarkably simple rules. A game 30 years ahead of its time. [/b][/color]


I have played this game more times than I'd like to admit (not always willingly), but it never grew stale. Strategy in using your budget, tactics in playing tiles, and luck in drawing them. Wonderful balance. It's not my favorite game, but it is extremely well made.


A Sid Sackson classic. A little bit counter-intuitive regarding stock and mergers, but if you overlook how it breaks some of the rules of how business in the real world is conducted (it is a game, after all), it's a mighty fine game.


Largely luck based upon the tiles you drawn and lacks any type of catch up mechanism. The rich just get richer in this game. Would be a decent family game but falls short as a strategy game.


Schmidt spiele edition


Good game. Great when you think about how long a shadow it has cast. And as I play it more, I understand it better and feel the game is revealing itself to me. I have a vintage 3M bookcase edition with wooden tiles. Trade Value: $75


August 2019 $21.39


Much fun, way more fun than it looks (even with this 'cheap edition'.


I like that this is math-y like Power Grid, but random enough with the tile draws that you just have to have a solid strategy that's able to catch lucky tile draws. Been playing a bunch of AChoir on my phone. I'm glad this app goes 12x9 and only primary and secondary instead of 10x10 with tertiary bonuses in the mix. 10x10 square and tertiary bonuses splash too much money around and feels less interesting.


Classic game with simple rules. Gets +1 on the rating just because of its history, for me. If it had come out today, it would probably be a "6".


Classic game with simple rules. Gets +1 on the rating just because of its history, for me. If it had come out today, it would probably be a "6".


This classic holds up well. Simple to learn, simple to play, difficult decisions, and a good intro into stocks. The trick might be finding people who want to play a game with paper money that looks like an excel spreadsheet.


The random tile drawing can be a little chaotic, and there is potential to get completely hosed from the beginning if you add poor play to the random tile draw.  The real drawback for me is that this is another stock market game that I just kind of suck at (I don't think I've ever perfectly timed selling off a company).  The elegant design is a classic for a reason, but I've never finished a game of this wanting to play again.


I think the hasbro edition with the plastic pieces is by far superior to the latest release. I find this one to be a lot of fun with the right people.


very good condition w/ dice bag for tiles


New Avalon Hill printing. This game is a classic. One of the best economic games ever made. Sid Sackson was a genius. Edit: Gave copy away. Will re-acquire at some point. Ayyyy. Edit 2: Found a 3M copy for $5 at the GGS! I'm overjoyed.


I have owned this game since the early 70's. I played this over and over when I was in high school. This was one of the go to games for my best friend, my dad and I.


Fine enough, I guess. Did not really draw me in and a bit too much lucky for how much strategy one could employ with the game.


Acquire is fun to play. I like how companies merge. There's this interesting line you need to tread between buying the right shares and knowing when to pull out and take profits. Acquire is fairly light and simple, but it's engaging and there's enough hidden information and complexity in what other people hold to make competing for first place in a company fun.


What a great Sid Sackson classic. This is a wonderful abstrct game with a business themed veneer. this game is well designed and is a classic that all gamers should experience.


I can see why this game has sustained over time, but frankly there's not much here. There are so many other richer economic games worth my time. Typically only interested in playing with non-gamers. Trade Condition Notes: Box has expected shelf wear for a 40+ year old game; the components are in terrific shape.


by klz

Still a really good game,though if you aren't in one of the early mergers, you can be locked out of the game quickly. Too slow with 6 and borderline tolerable with 5 players familiar with the game.


2011-03-11 - Rating from 7 -> 7.5 2011-03-08 - Good stuff! Tile draws can be frustrating but better play is always well rewarded. 2018-07-15 - Bought at Rivermarket


If there was a modern version of Monopoly, this is it. Nothing amazing, but I enjoy it.


Own two copies: Schmidt Spiel edition (the one with the pretty buildings); the other a 3M bookshelf edition.


How Acquire hasn't completely replaced Monopoly for people I'll never know. This game is just entertaining every time I've played it and it keeps you thinking about how to best maximize your money based on what you are doing and what others might do.


(7/16) 7. (10/17) 6. Just haven't played it in a long time but think it's my type of game.