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Saxon City is buzzing with promising startups, and savvy investors predict it will soon emerge as THE next super city. Compete with other venture capitalists to build the city and own majority shares in the most lucrative corporations.

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  • Family owned this as a kid. Remember it being lots of fun.
  • Able to be locked out of the game because you can't draw the right tiles, if it were any longer likely would avoid.
  • koko
  • There is quite a bit of luck in the tile draws especially toward the beginning of the game, but it doesn't deter it too much and it is a very good game.
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Some games that I don't necessarily own, but I know and love that fit in this category include.

#Puerto Rico. This game is older, it comes to us from 2002. It was number one on bgg for a while. And, it is still at number 26. This is a superb euro game. I love it, and I love the interactivity you can have with it.

#Power Grid I think this might be Friedeman Friese's heaviest game, not sure about that. But I do know that it is a very fun midweight-euro economic game. Like #Age of Steam you can find a map to fit your player count. It is currently number 36 on the list of the bgg top 100 games of all time.

Coming to us from 1964, we have the game we should all have grown up with in place of Monopoly. This is the classic game #Acquire. This is a dead simple, but fun, mass market(ish) style game. Even considering it's age, it is all the way up at number 257 on BGG.

I guess it is a big gathering. When we get together with my dad's family there are usually 80ish people if everyone is there. So I'm not really use to thinking of it as big. 

They really enjoy: CarcassonneCatan especially with the Cities and Knights expansion, Dominion: Second Edition, two somewhat heavier games that usually come out are Power Grid and Acquire

Edit: PandemicForbidden Island, and Ticket To Ride are done others that get played. 


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