Terraforming Mars

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1-5 player...

by noduh

1-5 players (best 3-4) 90-120 minutes


Brilliant ...

by lasttruegypsy

Brilliant and fun every time. I will love this one for a long time.


W/ Exp: He...

by Ethereal87

W/ Exp: Hellas and Elysium Promo: Small Asteroid A lot of fun, very deep gameplay. The biggest drawback has always been the amount of time it takes to play. For the same footprint on the shelf/table, there are definitely faster games to run through. I like a lot of what it brings though in terms of the variety of options for each player (and by extension, game since the deck is so huge).


Overlong w...

by Brent

Overlong with way too many cards that chain together in the name of "variability." It's not a complicated game, but it's not nearly as epic in scope as it wants to be. Playing without drafting is madness, but it also adds significant time to what is already an interminably long game. Legitimately perplexed as to why this game has such a following. Will never play this intolerable mess again.


Decent gam...

by Chitownsox

Decent game but took too long for what it is.


One of our...

by Baltasilian

One of our 2P favorites. Very satisfying combination of engine building and populating the planet. Can't wait to get the expansions.


Dagfinn go...

by Zenly

Dagfinn got this.



by ekloff

Terraforming Mars is littered with both greatness and mediocrity. The product value is shoddy, with thin cards and player boards, and pitifully incongruous art. It also lacks focus. The objective is clear; terraform mars, but there are several tangential paths players can take which divert the focus from the objective at hand to marginal victory point gains. Length is also a bit of an issue, and the game would benefit greatly from a balanced set of production asymmetries, which would add variety and speed up the game. However, the game is fun. Crashing comets, erecting cities, and building solar lenses is fun, and the cards help establish the scope of the game. Needing to pay for held cards is this game's most unique contribution. This mechanism mitigates card draw luck and monkey with your pace , creating a lot of interesting interplay between long- and short-term strategies. All together, I enjoy Terraforming Mars, but its definitely a short term relationship. Once the novelty of its cards has run dry, there will be little reason to tolerate its shortcomings.


love the d...

by messyjesse

love the drafting in the beginning of each round but the rounds seem to fall flat after that everytime... maybe I'm just an idiot


Best descr...

by GorditaCrunch93

Best described as tactical, not strategic. The theme is fun and the vast amount of cards makes it very replay-able. It's a game I always feel like I'm losing in and then come to find out I've barely squeaked out a win.


Player boa...

by Namake

Player board is shoddy, I made my own, everything else is fantastic.



by Mikeside



No Review Title

by R0land1199

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(4/17) 7. ...

by markbesada

(4/17) 7. This number will probably rise with more plays as, because the game is so card dependent, knowing them in advance will definitely enrich the experience. The poor component quality, while DEFINITELY true, is not as big a hindrance as I feared it might be. Definitely want to play this again and see how different strategies emerge and work. (10/17) 7. While 7 is a great rating, I feel the need to defend it. I just feel like it goes just a biiiiit long and for whatever reason it feels a bit to card draw dependent. But still wonderful.


In Germany...

by magicjavelin

In Germany


Almost per...

by Cooking_Meeple

Almost perfect engine builder. I dont like it with the higher counts, drag out to long and feels like you never get the engine going. How people play this for 3-4 hours on a 2 player game is beyond me. 60-75 mins for 2 players i say


This is no...

by Tangram11

This is not a bad game, but I am rating it a 3 based on "Lilely won't play this again". Although the game is a wonderful representation of the Kim Stanley Robinson's series of books on Mars, it is, at it's heart, another dry multi-solo-player drawn out experience with a burden of additional bookkeeping. If that's your thing, then you'll probably love it but it will never hit the table in our household, and it is unlikely I would want to invest 2-3 hrs of life into.