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Love this game. The combos you can do sometimes are just crazy and make you feel very powerful. The looks are simply fantastic. The 16 different civilizations are really nice and provide replay ability for a long time.


Weight: 2.81 / 5


Civ Game 1-5 players, 2 hours, Jamey Stegmaier, count me in!


First game I became 3 civs it was amazing


I enjoy the high production quality of this title, but do wish it was slightly less of a table hog. There is a lot of replayability with all the different options of civs. Ultimately I'm glad I own if even if it's not my favorite SM game.


Watched the reviews and previews, and then watched how to play and game play videos.,, then we purchased it. Boy are we glad we did! Every time I play, I want to play again to try something different. I just love games that make me think about them when I'm not playing them. I get the abstracted theme complaints, but for me it's not so abstract as to be theme-less. The engine building ramps up at a great pace, and the variety of civs, tech, and tapestry keep us wanting more. Love it!


Loving it after 3 plays. My wife and I played 3 the day it was received. Points can be swingy as my wife scored over 250 her second game and the last game ended 114-115 with her winning by one point. Every play has been great even though each has felt different.


I feel it definitely needs more than one play to get the hang of it. The scarcity of the resources made planning so so important to the point where I felt uncomfortably constricted. Also really got screwed by several luck factor moments: the tapestry cards can really swing things, also got quite hosed by one of my Space tiles. It was a very interesting game, stellar components, lots of cleverness in design, though I rarely got the feel of developing a civilization. Might try someone else's copy again later.


The choices are uninspiring, turns are bland, and the mechanisms are anything but innovative or fresh. The Idea of the game is promising, a quick and streamlined Civ game, with assimetric powers. But the final experience it's so disappointing. The assimetric nature is unbalanced, because there's almost no interaction. The excessive simplicity of the game kills all the theme and flavor. And the gameplay feels just like a mixture of mechanism that doesn't add. Finally the length of the game it's too long for what it is. (About 2 hours for 5 players). Oh yeah I almost forget the randomness, the tapestry cards, the science dice, the exploring dice, the territory tiles, the tech cards. Oh no. :(


This is such an odd duck of a game. There are clear imbalances between the factions that aren’t resolved, even with the rebalancing that Jamey has provided. It strikes me as deeply concerning that Jamey has not even considered whether or not players should be able to use trap cards after finishing their final Era, which seems like a question that would come up in playtesting fairly quickly. Unfortunately, it seems that Jamey has surrounded himself with yes-men who are so eager to cheer on everything he does, he forgets that criticism might help make a good idea into a good game.


First solo play was more of a learning experience, but this game is gorgeous and looks to be a future to 10 game for me. Yes, I do own it. Yes, I have played it (multiple times). This is a legit review so back off:-)


This is fun. A non-historic alternate narrative civilization. Very short turns with a lot of fun choices. A lot of replay-ability. The flaws such as the disconnect of anachronistic theme, randomness and unnecessarily high production don't bother me in the least. I just like to have fun and this game does that for me.


stupid hype, ugly product