The Pursuit of Happiness

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Designed: Adrain Abela, David ChircopPublisher: Artipia GamesPlayers: 1-4 players (best with 3-4)Play time: 60-90 minutesMechanic: Worker placementTheme/setting: The Game of Life, the gamer's board gameRating based on 3 solo games, 2 2-player games and one game with 4 players.Purchased this game through Kickstarter, based on theme and runthrough (Rahdo). Was not quite sure how I'd like it and whether it would be played with my family and/or gaming group. The group liked it quite a bit, and so do I. I really like the theme, just I do with the Game of Life, but here you really are in control of what you do and this could be considered the gamer's version of Game of Life.What I really like is how the game flows. You start in your teenage years with a part time job that will generate you some money to spend and later on you get a "real" job, find a partner, settle down (if you want, everything is optional), but also have the opportunity to take on projects, do activities and buy items. On several occasion you will see things you remember from when we were young and follow that path, or just go a completely different route which you didn't take at the time.Not a difficult game and rules are fairly straightforward, but there's enough depth in there to make tactial/strategic decisions that will earn you the most Long Term Happiness (victory points), and that's in the end what it is all about!


Has the 2nd edition rulebook and cards, and the KS extras.






Life with a few more decisions to make. Play it for the theme, but definitely not for interesting strategic decisions.


1st edition