In an empire consisting of six countries, each player incorporates a prince who tries to free the countries from the evil ruler with the help of his or her troops. In each round, players lay out knights before them who have different strength values. The color of the knight symbolizes the country one wants to conquer. If one lays down further knights of the same color in later rounds, they will be arranged in a row below each other. It is important that only one knight per color may be part of the conquering squad.

To conquer a country, one needs a knight with a higher strength number as the one defending it. Once a country has been conquered, the former owner receives his or her knight cards back. However, the other players will try to conquer the country anew by laying down knights with higher overall strength. They also must bear in mind the different special functions of each country. Most countries serve as income sources; some enable the player to enforce his defense troops and so on.

At the end of the game, you will receive a “general rating.” The player owning a country receives the sum of his defense knight’s value points in that country. Cards that have not been used will earn minus points. The player who now owns the highest amount of money wins the game and becomes the new king!

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