Minotaur Lords


Mount Erusu has erupted, the Great Labyrinth has fallen, and the ancient isle of Cresos is being torn apart! Ruled in peace by the wisest of the Minotaur Lords, Cresos has long stood as the center of a vast trading empire. But now the land lies on the brink of chaos as the Minotaur Lords struggle amongst themselves for control of the realm. Reiner Knizia's Minotaur Lords is a card game for two players in which each player is a Minotaur Lord vying to control the heart of an empire. You must use your minions, strongholds, and the favor of the gods to achieve military, economic, and religious victory. Minotaur Lords is the second release in Reiner Knizia?s and FFG?s series of "Lords? games, following up the now out-of-stock hit Scarab Lords. All games in this series comprise a complete stand-alone game, but use the same rules system, and contain new cards and factions, making for a unique game experience in every installment. Furthermore, it is possible for players to field factions from any of the "Lords? games against each other. Minotaur Lords is a complete, stand-alone card game for two players, ages 12 and up, and can be played in 20-40 minutes.


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