Mage Knight

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With [thing=130704][/thing]


Gaming at it's finest.


w/ Lost Legion expansion, foamcore insert, sleeved


20.03.2013 - Took the gamble and bought this, as most comments have been about how awful it is to try and teach others. 31.03.2013 - Previous RPG board games have been very hit and miss. Liked Decent 2. Didn't enjoy Drizit. Should these 3 games be compared, well, why not. If your unsure about all 3 and new to the genre (ie Me), then these would be on your radar. First impression, Mage Knight certainly has a lot more detail but is less fun than Decent. Initial rating 7.5, expecting this to change.


This is a fantastic game. The length really prevents it from seeing much play.


This game is okay. It's a beautiful game with many cool pieces. But, the beauty of it can't, for me, overcome three big issues. It's too freaking long. I played a game with four players and it took five hours. There are too may rules and too much that a player has to manage on one turn. Even if you know what you're going to do on your turn you're stuck waiting for the other players to plod through their turns. There is no excitement in the game. If you've suffered through getting your hand right, you know the outcome of facing a challenge before you go into it. There is no chance for real risk, and that thrill is absent from the game. Turns are players mumbling to themselves about what they can do or are going to do with their decks. The only real chance in the game is how far or how little you'll move during a given turn. All-in-all, pretty bland. There are too many complexities to manage in the game. I know some may like that, but the management of minutia has robbed this game of its thrill. I felt like I was an accountant in a Dungeons & Dragons game gone bad, more than I felt like I was Tovag the Conqueror. It's not terrible, though. I don't want to play it again, but it's not Axis and Allies bad. I was just bored a lot during game play and never felt threatened or at risk during the game. And again, it's way too long.


Adventurous magical warriors wander a newly discovered land, fighting monsters, exploring ruins, influencing factions and recruiting heroes, and conquering enemy cities. The core of the game is using a deck-building mechanic to generate resources like movement, strength, defense, mana, and influence to take actions across the board. The game is mostly about puzzling out how to use your limited hand of resources to achieve the goals of your turn. Because of this, the thematic elements of the game are a bit abstracted.


Rewarding solo play, I love it so far and will be trying different solo scenarios.


David has this. If awsome buy Mage Knight Board Game: Ultimate Edition


This is my Warhammer 40K. Give me a big table a ruler and dice.


Really liked all the mechanics this game brought together, but it can be a bear to teach this game which ultimately led it to being removed from my collection. When it takes just as long to explain the game as it does to play it with a game of this length, only the truly dedicated will remain.