Chicken Caesar Game

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The rules can be a small hurdle, but this is how negotiation games ought to be. It's really a close cousin to City of Horror, another such game I appreciate--it's got fewer special actions and powers and far more room for wheeling and dealing, though. This is vicious and awesome.


One of the most enjoyable games I've had the pleasure to play. If the players are intent on keeping their chickens alive the game will drag, and probably be less fun. But if death isn't seen as something to be avoided at all costs the game is good fun. Also has no randomness as everything that happens is chosen by a player.


I was so excited to play this game as it features a lot of negotiation and high screwage potential but it just left me a bit cold. The main reason is there's little you can do from turn to turn other than hope someone will take your bribe instead of that of an opponent's. Taxing is boring, placing vigils and traitors is only slightly better, the consul does basically fuck-all, and the senate doesn't even get going until the third round or so of the game. Then, when there is something to do, it always comes down to a vote which you may get shafted on due to your place at the table. At least there are so many, many rounds - too many for a game of this depth. It just felt interminable and I wanted it to end even though I knew we were only two rounds from the end. Bummer...