Bunny Kingdom

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Weight: 2.18 / 5Water damage on box (surprisingly all intact, but doesnt fit flat)Pieces and cards are in like new condition.


Perfectly pleasant, but the inability to creatively disrupt your opponents' plans rankles me. What is with so many drafting games feeling lazy? Drafting can lead to wonderful player interaction instead of merely being a lazy way for resources to enter the system. Also, the Garfield-ian "score 10 VPs if you're in second place" card is nonsense.


Expansions: - In the Sky Draft cards that either give you ways to put bunnies on the map (or increase the scoring potential of existing/future bunnies) or hidden victory points at the very end of the game. What's stopping this from being higher is the fact that the scoring takes a really long time (especially after the last round). It's a shame because the game is very fun and fast moving otherwise.


2-4p Sleeves


Another light but excellent game. Very quick once you learn it. But satisfying. Plus the bunny hordes are quite fun to watch as they multiply.




Cute. Some strategy hiding under the surface here.


Need to play again and give this another chance. Really helps to see the cards once.


2p game is ruthless. 3 and 4 are interactive but not to the same extent. The grid management is the most interesting portion, but you're forced to take a significant number of parchments in order to leap up the scoreboard at the end and you may or may not see them early enough to form any kind of long term strategy. That isn't a problem if you like tactical games though, and I do. What I don't like is when the game only gives opportunities to some players by chance, which happens sometimes.