7 Wonders: Leaders Expansion

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Leaders adds some strategy guidelines to 7 Wonders for each player in the beginning of the game.


After a few more plays, do not like. Initially provided variety, but the leaders are very unbalanced and add time to gameplay without enough compensating interest or fun. Will not play it again. Leaders for the suck!


by paka

Not essential, but it adds several new strategies. Overall like it quite a bit.


This expansion is perfect for the base game of 7 Wonders, because it adds a layer of strategy, without dismissing any from the base game.


This expansion is my least favorite of the three but I still wouldn't play the game without it! Being able to draft 4 leader cards during the initial setup phase gives you an opportunity to plan out your strategy for the entire game early on. Paying the cost to recruit a leader at the start of each age can be pricey but these cards offer bonuses that can help make future purchases less painful. My favorite leader card is Esteban. So awesome being able to "freeze" card drafting and build a second card from your hand before passing!


May 2016 $22?? From Guardtower


Good enough, not to elegantly implemented in that it adds a phase to the gameplay without really adding anything new. Fun of you're really desperate for some variety, but otherwise not with the added complexity and play time.


Fantastic expansion that provides long term strategy and focus without adding any rules overhead or play time.


An excellent addition to 7 Wonders. 'tis wondrous indeed to be able to pick one's own Leaders, and thus open up new avenues to victory! (Especially when playing one of the more 'vanilla' civilisations).


Neat expansion to the base game, really enjoy the changes the leaders bring


The actual drafting of the leaders is less interesting to me than the fact that at the beginning of Age I, I now have even more ways in which my civilization is unique, making for even more ways to play the game.


Leaders adds a nice twist to the game.


Adds slightly more depth than it does length. It's a fun addition, the card variety here is key.


Fun edition, but I don't think it's a required expansion