Fog of Love

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I really didn't like the dymics of this game. I was bored to death playing it. I need to play it again - maybe I can change my mind about it.


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I love the idea of Fog of Love. Really, really love it. In practice though it feels so mechanical and lifeless. The story portions don't seem to have any bearing at all on the role-playing portion and most times they were at odds with each other. And am I trying to win or not? How do I win? I'm more than fine with a game with no winner but just commit already, Fog of Love! What exactly do you want me to do here? We haven't played too much yet but so far I feel like I'd much rather play a session of [thing=3077][/thing] and then one of [thing=126100][/thing], that way I get both my "realistic role playing" and "read a shit-ton of text" urges satisfied.


So different... is it good? Dunno yet...


Does quite a lot with very little. It is good for laughs--though mostly insofar as things go catastrophically bad. Unfortunately, the killer for me is that the roleplaying is often at odds with the game, and so you're going to have to compromise on one or both--and if your compromises are different from your playing partner's, you're apt to end up frustrated. Which, it's worth noting, is an excellent metaphor for relationships, but that does not better the game itself.


A very unique design and theme! The tutorial is genius and the game flows so smoothly. The components and art are spot on! I think overall the game is going to provide a great experience but I'm still not sure on it's replay-ability value. The game can definitely be played more mechanical and if you play it that way I think the game will fall flat. The game requires you to be able to do some storytelling to get the full experience. If you can really invest in your characters and relationship then I think you'll really enjoy this game.


Unopened in shrink wrap.


Kickstarter deluxe version, including three expansion pack stories not included with retail version.


Erin and I had a blast. Will and Jim and Megan and I had a blast. Play this with someone clever and creative and you too will experience an amazing roller coaster of emotion.


Borrowed from Joe!


Played once, great condition. Manual a little beat up from initial delivery.


Includes all expansions and promo occupations



Really blew me away. I’m so impressed. Can’t stop thinking about it.


I have enjoyed playing this with my wife, but I don't think my copy has enjoyed my company quite as much. Tragically, my copy was left on top of our car and was sent careening into the bushes once we hit a curve at 55mph (we live out in the country). That being said, despite the 43 (not exaggerating) bug bites I received fishing out the pieces, I only lost 1 tutorial card! TL;DR--it's a good game


In Germany


Extreamly funny game!