Exit: The Abandoned Cabin

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Some fun puzzles. Other puzzles are very obscure to figure out. Often you feel lost on what to do next.


Not revolutionary, but also not infuriating like some of these sets. Consistent all the way through, like a 3 Musketeers.


Was solvable with no destruction. We drew shapes in the notepad and cut that up rather than game components. Had a great couple of hours. Would like to play the other games in this lineup but concerned about the novelty wearing off.


have a blast playing this , the puzzle is challenging and fun. i enjoyed this compare to unlock series which is more find this and that than puzzle solving.


Fantastic gaming experience. Would recommend to anybody. Effectively captures the Escape Room experience - in a box!




First Exit game we played - and loved it.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/exit-game-2016/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/exit-game-2016-accessibility-teardown/


Super surprising how fun this turned out to be, though no huge desire to get all the other variations


The game successfully creates an escape room vibe, but at a lower price and with a smaller group of people. However, the fact that the game takes place on a table rather than in a room, and played primarily with a deck of cards rather than real world objects, drastically limits the types of puzzles available to the designers. Luckily for us, these are some creative designers and the various puzzles are interesting, while being neither too obvious nor too obscure. As such, EXIT is able to mimic the tension, stress, and emotional outbursts common to traditional escape rooms. Don't worry about it being a one-off experience, because both its novelty, and low price of admission makes this a must try.