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Simple, quick, but deep. Great two player game.


Love it, but I am terrible at it.


Probably a toss-up between this and Patchwork, Barenpark and Quacks for my favorite game to play with my wife. Plays quickly and easy to learn.


Received in trade on BGG.


TRADED AWAY Excellent little two player game. Plays fast and has both strategic and tactical elements. Very fast to teach.


So much depth in such a small package. Great two player game.


So much depth in such a small package. Great two player game.


This unique 2-player game is a huge hit with my family! I love the simplicity of it—you can be up and running with a brand new player in a matter of minutes, and the new player just might defeat the seasoned vet! (I love when games are capable of producing that experience!) The playtime is also quick, yet flexible: play a "best of three rounds" game (rules as written) in about 15-20 minutes, or play a single round for an extremely enjoyable experience in about half that time. This little box packs quite a punch!


My wife & her mother & I really enjoy this game. We have created a 3 player variant that works quite well. This game is not hard to learn but offers some interesting choices as you try to make more money than the others.It's a keeper.


2-player only


Pretty slick little game. Take a good, or trade some of your goods for what's in the market, or take all the camels, or turn in a set or wait until the set is bigger and get a bonus. But don't wait too long, because someone can turn in a smaller set and snatch away points you thought you were getting, or maybe they take the last of a third group which triggers the scoring. And who has the most camels? A bonus for you! Score the most twice and you'r the winner.


Best: 2 Time: 30 Min Weight: 1.51


A great 2-player game. One of my favorite parts of games is when the metagame starts to develop. Some games it takes a long time for the metagame to start to develop. You spend most of the time you play the game just getting used to it, that you don't have to time think about what could happen, or what your opponents might do if you do so and so. In Jaipur, the barrier to playing is so low that the metagame starts to develop in just your first play through. Every choice seems to obvious and the game starts to seem like it's boring, but then the metagame kicks in. You start wondering if picking up this obvious pile of camels is exactly what your opponent wants. It's a great game, that every couple should play through at least a couple of times.


12/22/16: 8 to 7. When I think about this game it brings to mind the same gameplay loop every time. I don't want the same experience, I want a game that provides variety, especially with my 2-player games. Camels.


Traded for Biblios on 3/22


Quick fun two player game that my wife is willing to play with me. This time the game will stay in the collection.


7.5 / 2p / Overall 98 / Family 9 / Splendor / 30m / 1.54


Hand management


2 games in one night. Enjoyed both. Plays quickly. One day, i'll play this game anew and not make a complete ass of the rules It's a keeper.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/jaipur-2009/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/jaipur-2009-accessibility-teardown/


One of my favorite two player games. I love playing this with my wife. Makes a great gift for new/non-gamers.


Lovely, easy, low stakes game, great for a warm-up or traveling.


I've been playing this more lately and finding that there's more to this game than I'd previously given it credit for. I've been playing it a few times a week and still haven't been getting tired of it.


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2 player 30 minutes


It’s a fun game with some strategy, but overall it feels not too complex. It’s great for nights when we don’t really want to have to think too hard.


It’s a fun game with some strategy, but overall it feels not too complex. It’s great for nights when we don’t really want to have to think too hard.


Fairly light set collection and drafting game. Enjoyed playing it with the wife. Will play again.


This has quickly become Ashley and I's favorite filler.


Uninspired, but mercifully short 2p filler that I use to pass the time while I wait for other people to show up at game nights. Trade Condition Notes: Excellent condition


2, 30m


Nice game but I found it a bit boring. Can't really say why.


Nice quick set collection game. My wife and I enjoy playing together.


+ Fun, quick 2-player. - Becomes a bit samey after a number of plays.


2012-10-11 - Bought (Starlit Citadel) 2015-03-25 - Sold 2017-09-17 - Bought; BoardGameWarriors


Fun, quick and varied game for two!


[Pending to sleeve]


Our travel game for the UK. Our couples gateway game. Borrowed by Cam.


Simple, but the strategy seems lost on me. EDIT: NOT ANYMORE. Holy crap this metagame is a ton of fun. Highly recommended 2-player game, but give it a few goes before you decide it's not for you. The strategy isn't apparent at first. Truly becomes a great game the more you play it.


I prefer Lost Cities for a two-player card game.


Jaipur is the best two player card game available. Both the cards and components are beautiful and the gameplay is equally engaging. The market system is clean and creates ebbs-and-flows for player to adapt around. Luck is present, but since cards are never drawn directly from the deck to one's hand the luck is manageable and manipulable. Mastering the use of camels is crucial to establishing control and they open a wonderful decision space to explore. In a similar way, the timing of selling is crucial, as an small early sale of leather, can easily trump a larger one later in the game. Jaipur is a must for any two-player collection.


$11.75 14-Jul-16 ($10 off, purchased from Echo)




Light two-player game with lots of interesting decisions. Setup is a bit long, but a lot faster with this web-app: https://oniony.com/boardgames/jaipur/pinkcity/