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Holy low counter density, Batman. Fun, quick, simple, and full of tension--you have to risk big in this game to get anywhere, it seems, and your small hand is a deliciously agonizing limitation. The different armies are shockingly different in feel and style of play, given the absence of rules chrome. It's awesome.


Very interesting, chess-like game with a "Napoleonic" theme. It's quick to pick up, and the kids like it... thus, I'm a fan. ;)


Excellent, fast, light "wargame". A must have! besides, 4 games can be played at the same time with just one set :-)


Well I am not a big wargammer, in fact I could live happy never playing one again. True as that is I still get some pleasure out of them. I own a few wargames (Memoir 44, Battlelore, Axis & Allies, Band of Brothers, Duel of Ages) and try to find games I can play with my son as well as with friends. This game is fun and will play well with my boy. I have played a couple times and enjoy it so far and can see it getting played a few more times. I have a freaky friend who loves wargames and this is one I will play with him. Overall Score 7, Appearence 6, Components 5, The Box (storage) 5, Rulebook 9, Ease of Play 7, Mechanics 8, Involvment 8, Replayability 8, Uniqueness 7, Luck 6 v Strategy 4 (The higher the number the more it leans that way.)


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