The SQUAREMINO board game is a fun, educational and strategic abstract board game for 2-4 players that uses a unique set of domino-like tiles. Players take turns adding sets and sequences to a public network of tiles, attempting to be the first to play all of their tiles.

Everyone, regardless of skill level, can enjoy this boardless tile game and win, as more casual gamers will enjoy a relaxing social experience and more advanced players will have fun exploring complex strategies. The game play is a blend of competition and cooperation as players pursue individual goals while jointly building upon a common tile structure.

Indulge yourself with the generously-sized and beautifully hand-painted Squaremino tiles. Touch and feel the smooth tile surface and listen to the pleasing tile shuffling sound. Please your eyes with elegant and artistic tile structure layout image by the game's end. The Squaremino board game playing experience will certainly give you a whole new sensory enjoyment and excitement!

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