1846 The Race For The Midwest

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Operational in nature, and an economic snowball with no way to engage in aggressive capital destruction. The result: A euro-like engine-builder wrapped in 18xx packaging. This is, however, a shining beacon of a replayable title. It's really never the same game twice, which you can't say for dozens of other 18xx titles. I like this game, but it's overrated as a teaching tool. If you're the type that is inclined to like 18xx, then 1889 is a much, much better entry point for the series. If you're not an 18xx type, I'm not convinced 1846 will to turn you into one.


(10/17) 9. My first REAL foray into 18xx games and I was HOOKED. Love the deep, deep economic and tile placement strategy. A super brain burner that I can't wait to play again...once I get another 6 hours to spare. My #10 game of all time.