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A few glaring issues that can be house ruled.


Solid game, I do wish that battles were more frequent and the Zeus-Pegasus searching at the end of the game hurts its score. Hades is on its way and I hear it improves on these flaws.


I think I like this better than Kemet.


Possibly the perfect conflict game..


The game ended before there was really much opportunity for a lot of player interaction.


So much fun! I love the mix of the bidding for your actions and risk style fighting. Definitely gives me a feeling of risk but better theme and MUCH faster. Such a level of strategy that really just makes it a great game. On a side note Apollo is DEFINITELY not weak! Want to paint these minis


A number of problems, including bash the leader. BOO. Things can get wonky when you fail to accommodate for the creature mix and turn order, but the game remains intriguing. Oh, man, is the game ever pretty--the plastic alone... But at the end of the day, I can't help but feel that this is a series of strange and obtuse things grafted onto a pretty solid auction engine.


An OK game. I had more fun (with the single play thus far) than I expected. This is just not my style of game. I REALLY don't care for area control. Although there are a small few that I find more palatable than others. I hate how it engenders the bash-the-leader strategy. Just a completely unfun & unsatisfying experience. It just drags the game on-and-on much longer than it needs to be. I liked it WAAAY better than Inis. But then again, that hurdle could be cleared by a snake. Don't get me wrong, this is a good game for those that like area control, take that, and leader bashing. It has some strong & interesting mechanics. It just isn't my cup o' tea. I do like the theme, albeit not all that strong.


neat game. Wouldn't rush to play it, but I liked the components and theme.


A bidding mechanic that is actually quite important to get right. Getting it wrong means NOT being able to do what you need to do when you need to do it. Getting it right means you stand a great chance to win. This will certainly garner more table time in the future. "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!"


I typically love Bruno Cathala's designs but our first playthrough of this one just didn't grab me. The components are a negative for me. This game takes up a ton of shelf/table space. My wife didn't appreciate the combat or bidding components of this game. I'd like to say I'll try it again before trading/selling but we typically play 2-player only and this one just doesn't seem to work for those conditions.


The auctions bidding for action selection and turn order are amazing. I did not care for the area control or combat aspects of the game.


Great game. Really unique combination of mechanics - Risk with role selection and bidding. Components are fantastic. My only complaint is that it is awfully long for what it is.


FOR SALE FOR TRADE Interesting mechanics partially ruined by the need to battle. The box says 45 minutes but it takes us 2 hours to play. "Beat up on the leader" is not a fun aspect. Love the theme.


2-5 Players 60-90 Minutes


rating after one play with 3p. may change. seems to play fast, with many decisions and fluid situation. may be a tad too luck dependent (on which creatures show up when). maybe. beautiful components. multiple paths to victory, always a plus.


7.5 / 2-5p Best 4-5 / 60-90m / 2009 Overall 120 / Strategy 93 / 2.83 (MUST GET TITANS, will play 2v2 / 3v3 but may be long, bidding miniatures game)


Very solid euro/wargame hybrid. Great theme Homer's Iliad and Odyssey.


A good enough area control game, with some light engine building. There may be a bit too much to keep track of and the ability to update islands felt a bit tacked on (beyond 2 of each upgrade being a win condition). The auction is interesting, though.


Really cool low-luck game with a great theme and very high quality components. The creature cards are a little powerful.


Wonderfully frustrating. I love seeing the board state change over the course of the round and watching my best-laid plans squandered by an overzealous Poseidon. My copy came with some broken pieces and Matagot was fantastic in replacing them quickly.


Received in trade 5/17.


Theme/Art: You can't go wrong with ancient Greece, the game looks amazing and the mechanics fit the theme (gaining the favour of gods and summoning mythical creatures). Production quality: Amazing monster miniatures and I love that every colour has different armies and ships. The quality of the armies and ships is not the best though, but it is good enough. Replayability: There are many ways to victory and the board changes with the number of players. Depth/Difficulty: It's not very hard to learn, it takes about 20 minutes to teach. However, there's a lot to consider each turn. I weight it 3/5. Strategy: Since you only get the favour of one god per turn you have to plan ahead. You can't build ships and attack at the same time. Luck: Although you have to plan ahead a lot of things, the right creature can pop up at random anytime and change the game completely. Cyclades takes 60-150 minutes to play, depending on the number of players and their familiarity with the game. All in all a great game and I'm looking forward to buy and play it with expansions.


The secret to succeeding: don't play it was a wargame. It's not. It's a Euro. It's subject to Euro maneuvers.


(10/17) 8. This game feels so strange to me. First of all, I'm always a sucker for a good auction mechanic and Cyclades is famous for its. The game play itself feels so sparse that I initially thought there wasn't much game there, but then I realized it's just extremely lean so a game that feels and looks so grandiose really just moves along at a tight clip. Plus, I love the theme.