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Just like everyone has said...downright beautiful. Gameplay is pretty sold but more importantly it's relaxing to play and looks nice as you go. I didn't expect my mind to be blown by this so it's exactly what I wanted.


Would rather play Jaipur as it gives me the same feeling. The game is beautiful but rulebook is confusing and it's fiddly to slide cards underneath.


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This game is pretty fun. The rulebook I found to be TERRIBLE, but for the most part once you start playing it seems like a straight forward game. I really like how the cards can be used differently and you can either add them to your print or to your studio and you have to decided right then. I think it is a fantastic game and it would be interesting to play with 4 players. I feel it is a game that scales pretty well I think they just all play different depending on the players.


Great looking game. Just wish the cards would stay in place better.


Induces a lot of OCD issues. However the game is quite beautiful, and simple to setup and play. Another couple plays would most likely help smooth out the rough edges for my wife and make the game at least move up to a seven.


This is basically 7 Wonders Duel for 5 players, which I suppose is praise or criticism depending on your opinion of that particular game. It does have a lot of fussy mechanics and bizarre iconography for a game that's supposed to be light, however. There's almost nothing intuitive about it... very confusing.


BGG Secret Santa gift from the wonderful and overly generous Ann (who I'm still awaiting an Geekmail from!!) (12/16) 6. My first play went well, though a little uneven. The mechanics are a touch unusual so that led to a bit of a confused stop/start game. I think that'll go away with a couple more plays. Traded away at Orc Con '17. (10/17) Drop to 5. Just never felt the desire to play again.