Video Fighter: Dragons of Fury


Video fighter is the name of the martial arts combat card game produced by Dream Pod Nine. It is designed for those of you out there who are avid players of such games as Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat and other one-on-one arcade-action games. It was designed for fast-paced combat and dynamic maneuvers. The only real difference between this game and the arcade version is that you don’t have to insert a coin every time you lose.

The designers of this game, have played most of the combat games available out there. They have been consistently defeated by the younger and faster teenagers who spend up to their last quarter learning better ways to humiliate them. Consequently, they came up with this game, hoping that if you couldn’t defeat them, you could at least save a few bucks. The designers hope the player have as much fun playing the game as they had designing it.

8 Character cards and tokens,
Rule book,
108 action cards.


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