Duelosaur Island

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A very good and smart toned down version of Dinosaur Island. Plays fast if you want and its very fluid.


Weight: 2.43 / 5


The game is quick and the mechanics offer some fun albeit not tough choices. The solo play on easy was a little too easy. I'll ramp it up and see if that improves. Playing with a friend really was a lot of fun. In some ways I enjoyed it more than Dinosaur Island. You get the same fun in half the time for you and a friend.


A quick, stream-lined card version of Dinosaur Island. The I cut - you choose draft and multi-use cards really help make this game shine. At this point it is my favorite short 2 player game.


A two player game about creating your own Jurassic park! It has beautiful colors and fun art. It is very thematic; on my last play only two park visitors were eaten. The personal boards are thick and high quality. The game rounds are a bit confusing and clarity would be benefited by a printed player aid (I think there is a PDF on BGG). Also, apparently the kick starter had extra cubes for the temporary threat level and I think having those would be beneficial because it's not super clear when you have acquired sufficient security.


Borrowed from Joe!


Best: 2 Time: 30-45 Min Weight: 2.33


Excellent 2 player game


Dinosaur Island but tighter, cleverer, streamlined, and made 1v1. Mechanically I think it does Dinosaur Island but better. The PR track in particular is a great mechanic. I love how tight it is as a 1v1 game, but part of me wonders what this would be like with Dinosaur Island player counts.


Didn't seem to have much player interaction