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Enjoyed the first play a lot but went a little quick. I tend to prefer a longer scaling up period.


A quick, snappy Uwe that, much like his other favorite games of mine, has un-obvious linkages between actions and strategies that beckons my exploration.


1-5, 20-100m


With Nusfjord, Uwe Rosenberg is trying to force players into a strange board gaming predicament. Typically, players are presented with strategies and possible point generation techniques from turn one. Nusfjord tries to alter that by unveiling the variable end game conditions in the middle of the game, rather than during setup. This concept is intriguing, and has players building as wide as possible in the early game so that when the powerful C-cards are revealed they can pivot faster than their opponents. However, by the time the end game cards are revealed, players have incidentally fallen into a certain specialty and are at the whim of the cards as to whether or not they;ll be rewarded. I admire the idea, but don't love the result.


Typical worker placement, resource management game. Decisions made early in the game can have a big impact in late game so you need to play a few times to get the pacing right. Rules are actually quite simple. Components are high quality but the coins are fiddly. Tip: Elders can be quite powerful and don't cost resources to acquire, so get them early.