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One of our favourite family games. Simple, but has plenty of decisions. Add the expansions for a meatier game. INCLUDED: Fresco: Expansion Modules 4, 5, 6, 7


Gameplay was meh and the wife did not like it. Sold after two plays.


First game tonight. Quietly surprised by the mechanics as the theme didn't have much appeal to me. However, with what appears to be simple rules (or very well explained rules by Gary)and tough decisions, I could easily see this becoming one of my favourite games to play.



Great game, the theme is awesome and fits the game very well. The expansion is pretty hit-or-miss. The glaziers is great and makes the game much more challenging and heavy. I will definitely include it when playing with other gamers. The gold expansion is okay. Varying the market is nice but I don't feel like they change your decisions much. You are already going to move the bishop towards your painting, and just use the gold tile if you can. The wishing well is awful and I don't see myself playing with it again.


An enjoyable game with a fun theme. The idea of choosing when to get up in the morning & it affecting your mood is really poignant. Overall it’s a little too easy for our tastes but is good for nights when we’re tired. We aren’t a big fan of the dummy player—though this one isn’t too bad.


A bunch of master painters compete to impress the bishop by repainting the ceiling of a cathedral. I've only played the basic game with 2 players. I expect adding the expansions and more players would improve the game's rating.


(8/16) 7. (10/17) Drop to 6. Really like the theme and the color blend mechanic. Also the "early to rise" turn order. Haven't played it in a while, but did get myself the Big Box version so eager to break that out.