Venice, 1400's: You are a young merchant trying to make your name in a city of vibrant commerce. Trade in spices, silks, gems, iron and grain can bring great wealth. You will buy goods as they enter the city docks and then sell them to the shops who need them. Increase your profits by buying shares of the shops who use the goods you trade in. Fulfill orders from the Guild Hall craftsmen to gain prestige. But this is a city rife with fickle demand and politics. Spend your ducats wisely and look for help from powerful people such as the Guildmaster, the Harbormaster, or perhaps the Tax Collector or a Thief. Even the Gondolieri have powerful connections here. In the end, the most important thing to remember is simple buy low and sell high. For only those who amass the most gold and prestige can truly be the Masters of Venice.

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