This expansion for Bohnanza was published as a limited edition of 2500 copies.

Mutabohn allows different sorts of beans to be planted in the same field. The box contains 33 Bonus cards and 4 pages of rules in German. The cards contains 7 different pictures which have no influence on play, being flavour only. There are 24 different combinations of bean types, in three Bonus values (30, 50 and 70).

The Bonus cards are shuffled and placed as a pile face down next to the draw pile. Each player receives 2 Bonus cards (3 cards in a two-player game). The Bonus cards are placed anywhere in the hand, they do not follow the strict order of the Bean cards.

In Mutabohn, genetic manipulations allow the beans to mutate while they are growing in the field. Gartenbohnen may become Rote Bohnen. Rote Bohnen may become Augenbohnen, etc. Each bean type can be transformed into the next lower value (which has the next higher number of cards) simply by planting this new type of bean on top of the old beans. Each Bonus card features a series of icons in the corners showing a pattern like AABBC (Small coloured pictures are used instead of letters) --this forms a "gene-code" which must match the pattern of beans in the field in order to play the bonus.

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