Scoville board game
Scoville board game


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In Scoville, 2 to 6 players want to harvest and sell the hottest peppers, but also make the most delicious chili!

Each round, players will do a blind auction to choose their place in turn order- however, while planting peppers and using them is done in turn order, harvesting peppers is done in reverse order- so choose wisely where you want to be! Gain points for being the first to plant valuable peppers, but place them carefully so that the other players don't get a big harvest out of your hard work. You'll also be rewarded for putting together the hottest combinations in the chili cook-off. Following the "afternoon delivery", the game will ratchet up even more!

This game features custom peppers-shaped pieces in 10 colors, including the sparkly transparent Phantom Peppers; and spaces are die-cut in the fields for you to actually "plant" the peppers in the ground! Up to six fresh farmers can play this hot game!

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  • Weight: 2.79 / 5
  • Too long, too repetitive.
  • Very much not to my tastes. It combines blind auctions where everyone pays, spatial puzzling, and a weird colour combination element--three things I hate.
  • 2-6 Best with 4
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