Pirate's Cove Board Game

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Awesome components and a fun Pirates theme on a decent, but not good game. There are tiny bits of strategy and tactics, but the luck (dice and card draws) rules everything. You can try to play the probabilities, of course, but with so few turns in the game, there is not really time for luck to even out. Losing battles can really set you back while the winners get a huge advantage. Fun, with limitations.


It's got just enough rules problems to make them an annoyance. If I played this monthly, it would be no problem, but since I only play it once or twice a year, it's frustrating to have to look up rules and to struggle to remember corrections that have been noted here on the Geek. It would be an okay game if I had a perfect memory or if someone else owned it and could rattle off my rules questions as they came up each game. EDIT: After more playings, I just don't see enough fun in this game. Others seem to like it, but I cannot get into it more than once every year or two and then for only about a quarter of the game.


Really love this game. Played it more than any other DoW game except for Ticket to Ride.


by klz

The only real problem is that someone who fights early and loses a few times will be out of the running. Otherwise,it's a fun, light game. The rulebook could be organized better, too.


Fun components but not my kind of game. Nice DoW production. 2016-07-17 - River Market (traded TtA for this) 2016-08-29 - Rating 4 -> 6.5. Like all DoW productions I've been exposed to, this one has great components! I think rulebook could have been written better with a simple flowchart or cheat sheet. Cartoony characters and theme. Gameplay is relatively fast and 5p games can finish in about 1hr. For me the game got more interesting after watching Black Sails! Other than that, my original "4" rating was for playing with gamers as there isn't much depth to it. However, if you are looking to spend some quality time with family and roll dice to see who beats the "Legendary Pirates", then this rates a good "6.5" for sure. 2017-02-01 - Sold GeekMarket


For a game with the word pirates in it, I was quite let down.