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First impression playing 2 player. I managed 3 heroes: It struck me like a much improved version of "Last Night on Earth". Better art and minis. The Ameritrash element was very strong but there was more room for clever play and cooperation between the heroes. We had good fun with this. Update: I have now played with 4 as well (3 vs. 1) and it told a fun story and still moved quickly.


Not-so-high adventure. There are a lot of things I like about it, but those moments constantly hamstrung by badly designed scenarios and their annoying rules. Stuff like having to spend extra actions to get though door flaps, rolling to be able to jump between boats, these aren't fun. It feels like you're playing as Conan and friends in their gawky, not yet fully formed teenage years. Highlights include the entire overlord board and the crystal spending system that always makes people succumb to sunk cost.


Lack of Balance in scenarios ruins an interesting set of mechanisms


Gameplay rules are not overly complex and bookkeeping/admin is light. Very thematic (Conan smash things) and very nice game boards and miniatures.