What Is Best in Life?
Conan is a fast-paced game of heart-pounding scenarios pitting heroes against a powerful Overlord and their horde of minions. Carve through swathes of enemies and perform daring acts of heroism as you attempt to complete your objective and thwart the forces of the Overlord.
Do you have what it takes to step into the hulking muscle-bound shoes of Conan and his mighty cohorts? Or would you rather play the role of the Overlord and devise deadly schemes to ensnare the heroes and bring them to their doom? Find out in Conan!

Beautiful and Detailed Miniatures and Components
Conan comes with over 70 plastic figures that are intricately detailed. Whether you're taking on an army of skeletons or facing down a Giant Snake, the quality of miniatures is outstanding and each type of figure feels distinct.
The game comes with over 100 tokens of various items and interactive objects. With so many components to work with, your inner game designer will jump at the chance to build your own scenarios and expand your adventures in the world of Conan

Dynamic and Interesting Mechanics
As players dive into the blood-soaked and high-adventure world of Conan, they'll make use of powerful equipment and spells to take on the horrors that await them. Heroes take actions together and can alternate actions with other players to create brilliant moments of high-stakes combat and risk taking. Work together wisely, and you may stand victorious over the bodies of your fallen enemies.

Performing Actions
Actions are performed by allocating small gems to various sections of your character board. There are caps on how many gems can be spent on an action in any given turn, but beyond those limits, players may use as many gems as they wish.

How Far Will You Go?
Players can expend any number of gems they want to, but they'll only get a limited number back at the end of every turn. The gems are used for actions and combat, but they're also used to defend against the Overlord's minions and they serve as a character's health. You can go all out on a campaign of death and carnage, spending all of your gems to carve a path through the Overlord's forces. But, you'll only get two gems back at the end of the round. So, how far will you go in the name of glory?

Step into the Shoes of the Overlord
The Overlord has a special Skelos Board which affords them actions to take and choices to make. Using the same gem system, the Overlord will spend gems to move their minions around the board, attack, initiate scenario-unique events, and place the heroes in great peril! A sliding track gives the Overlord dynamic choices, paying more for tiles further up the track and shifting tiles up in order as they're used. Orchestrate the demise of the heroes, and you'll end up on top!

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