Kill the King. Steal his Crown. Get it Home.

You are the shaman of a tribe of Zimbies - brutal, obstinate little cannibals that serve you with vicious fanaticism. Your one desire is to become the Cannibal King over all the zimby tribes. The only thing that stands in your way is the current King's reluctance to give up his crown. Your plan is simple:

- Send your zimbies into the King's compound.
- Work with other shamans to get into the King's sanctum.
- Kill the King.
- Grab his crown and run it home.

It's a good plan. It's a simple plan. And it's every other shaman's plan!

1 Rule Book
1 Main Game Board
8 Tribal Boards
149 Wooden Creature Tokens
2 Sticker Sheets for Creature Tokens
104 Scroll Cards
4 Reference Cards
2 Six-sided Dice
1 Four-sided Die
82 Punchout Tokens
1 Bag o' Fate

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